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Steeped in rich history, The Deauville Inn is a landmark property of the South Jersey Shore. Founded in 1881 as the Whelen Hotel, the property has entertained countless guests over the years, and provided endless memories for all that made the journey. At The Deauville Inn we respect and appreciate our patrons, workers, and owners that have made The Deauville Inn what it is today. The story of our history is long, and we look forward to writing its next chapter with you.

the 1800s

James Carothers, an immigrant from Ireland, journeyed to the USA and built the Whelan Hotel in 1881 on Corson’s Inlet. The hotel passed through the family to James’s son William Carothers and then his daughter Mary.

the roaring ‘20s

Over time it grew and expanded as the fishing industry thrived and whalers needed somewhere to eat and lodge. By the 1920s, the now re-named Deauville Inn flourished, even during Prohibition, where it was rumored that a casino was featured in one of the upper rooms and famous entertainers including Jimmie Durante, Sophie Tucker and Eddie Cantor would appear.

the 1930-1990s

Charlie and Madeline Weiss became the subsequent owners of the Deauville Inn. In 1980 when Charlie passed, Madeline sold the property to Walter Carpenter, who used to tend bar at the Deauville Inn in the ’50s and ’60s.

Walter and his wife Gloria took on the enormous task of resurrecting the building over the years after several storms. The Carpenter family became the stewards for the property of the next 40 years.

our renaissance

In October 2019, Dr. Tim Fox bought the historic Deauville Inn to restore it to its original beauty and provide a more upscale experience for customers in Strathmere.

With new owners, new chefs, and new menus, Fox knew he could elevate the food and ambiance of the historic venue to keep the 1920s feel. He enlisted the help of well known consultants and top designers to help redesign the entire property, paying homage to the past while giving it a much needed facelift. Also, an emphasis was placed on the culinary experience and the entire menu has been recreated. The results are simply amazing and our long time customers have been blown away with all the changes. The Innkeeper invites you to experience all The Deauville has to offer.